Die 12 Passionen

The Twelve Passions
Different languages/races have different names for the Passions; the ones most commonly in use are below.

The nine sane passions are:

Astendar – Love, art, and music Chorrolis – Wealth, trade, desire, jealousy Floranuus – Revelry, energy, motion, victory Garlen – Home, hearth, and healing Jaspree – Growth, nature, love of the wilderness Lochost – Rebellion, change, freedom Mynbruje – Justice, compassion, truth, empathy Thystonius – Physical conflict, valor, striving Upandal – Building, construction, planning, crafting

The three mad passions are

Dis – Confusion, slavery, bureaucracy Raggok – Discord, vengeance, bitterness, jealousy Vestrial – Manipulation, conspiracy, deceit

Dis used to be Erendis, passion of books, knowledge, and learning. Raggok used to be Rashamon, passion of leadership, wisdom, and community. Vestrial is still called by the same Name, but used to be the Passion of tricksters, laughter, and enlightenment (of others).

There are some human cults which claim Death as the Thirteenth Passion. Some of these cults are merely eccentric; others are dangerous and deranged, holding that Death should be exalted over all the others.

Die 12 Passionen

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